10 Things Women Do When They’re Alone

March 8, 2019

© Vadymvdrobot | Dreamstime

Having time to yourself can be great! If you’re living with your guy, sometimes it’s just lovely to have an evening all to yourself. There are specific behaviors and things us ladies like to do, but only when we are 100% alone! Some of these things are a bit bizarre, and others are just things we want to do without the interruption of another person!

These are some rituals that a lot of women engage in regardless of their relationship status. I’ve done some of these things single, in a relationship, and even when I was married.

1. Binge Watch Junky TV- we all have a guilty pleasure show or maybe even a few shows. God knows we’d never admit that we watch this show, but should a marathon come on we will over indulge as long as no one is there to see us!

2. Eat Whole Things- Whole cartons of ice cream, whole blocks of cheese, entire bags of potato chips. It’s almost like it doesn’t count if no one else sees you!

3. Watch Ourselves Cry In the Mirror- I don’t know why we do this, but I feel like all of the ladies have done this at some point or another. We want to know what we look like when we’re balling our eyes out. Are we an ugly crier?

4. Take Naughty Selfies- For eyes only! You know you’ve been curious about how your body looks in certain positions or wearing lingerie.

5. Watch Makeup tutorials and playing dress up- Seriously what did we do before youtube. All the make up and hair tip videos are amazing!

6. Tucking Our PJ bottoms Into our Socks- This is not a good look no matter how hot you are. That’s why we reserve this behavior for when we are 100% alone.

7. Over analyzing our naked bodies in the mirror- Maybe it’s something you do after the shower. You push your boobs up with your hands to see what they’d look like if they were a bit higher. Or you squeeze the fat you think you have on your face to have a more defined jaw line.

8. Google people from the past- You want to know what happened to that guy you kissed way back in high school? Is he married? Also, the girls you hated. What are they doing now?

9. Practice our smile in the mirror- or maybe you do it with your phone! We’ve ALL DONE THIS!

10. Have full on conversations with our pets- I know my cats can't talk back, but I'd like to think they're listening.

Are there any I forgot? Or maybe you think I’m crazy and you’ve never done any of these things.