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Is That $2k Designer Tote An Ikea Bag?

April 19, 2017

When is the last time you went to Ikea? I know for me every time I go there I have a few things I must grab before making my way into the showroom and marketplace. Swedish meatballs, a pencil, an Ikea catalog, and one of their giant blue bags are all must have's on my list. 

You can stuff so much crap into those bags! One high-end purse designer is clearly a fan of the Ikea tote because their latest creation looks like a damn copy. 

Balenciaga is the designer behind the tote that will set you back just north of $2,000! 

They look almost identical. I'm going to go to Ikea after work today, buy one of their $1 totes, and paint the handles blue and pass it off as the real deal. Look, I love designer purses and I totally belive they are an investment, but I wouldn't buy this bag if it were on sale for $20!