3 Safety APPs For Back to School

Are you ready?

August 14, 2019

Get ready for the flood of back to school photos all over your social media feeds because the kids will be heading back to class in the coming weeks. Seriously, Summer flew by this year, at least for me. Maybe if you're a parent and have been trying to keep the kids occupied, that may not be the case. But don't worry, we are so close!

There are so many things that have to be done to get kids ready for back to school like clothes shopping, getting everything on those supply lists, and a nice fresh haircut! But there are some other things parents need to look into like these APPs that can help their kids stay safe this school year.

There are APPs to help you manage their safety online to report suspicious activity at the school and more. Here are a few of the ones I found that stand out on the list!

1. Circle of Six: It lets users choose up to six trusted friends to add to their circle. If your student gets into an uncomfortable or risky situation, the app allows them to automatically send their circle a pre-programmed SMS alert with their exact location. Two taps is all it takes for the message to go out. Awesome!

2. Kid Control GPS: If your kids aren't responding to calls or texts, you can find them with this APP. Your kids can also send out help notifications and it will send a message to parents when children arrive to school or home. 

3. P3 Tips: This APP allows your child to report suspicious actiivity at their school or anywhere else with 100% confidentiality. 

What APP are must have's for your kids for back to school? Don't worry, just a few more days until you can be sipping your favorite wine at 9am after the bus leaves the stop.