3 Things That Can Make You A Hacker's Target

Stop doing this things online now!

June 20, 2018

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We spend a lot of time online surfing the web and scrolling through social media. And a lot of people share every single aspect of their lives online like the food they eat, their locations, and photos that can be putting them at risk for being hacked. 

I think the biggest issue is that most people do not think before they post something. You share a photo or your location and never think that someone can use that against you, but there are certain things you should never, ever post online. 

A white-hat hacker named Stephanie Carruthers has some tips to help keep us secure online.

1. Do not share photos of your house key! You just bought your first home and what's the first thing you post? A photo of the key to your house!! Do not do this. Did you know that people can duplicate your keys just from a photo? You do now!

2. Photos of your driver's license! If you post a side by side comparison of your new license and your old license, you can be putting yourself at risk. Also, if your teenager just got their license, they should not post a photo of it online. Hackers can use this info to steal your info and your teen's info!

3. Posting Photos Without Looking to see what's in the background! People do this all the time and sometimes what we see in the background is funny, but there's also a huge risk with these types of photos. If you're taking a picture at work with some coworkers you may accidentally get some confidential company information in the background. Hackers can zoom in and get this info and use it to their benefit. 

Again, just think before you share a photo or status update. Could you be putting yourself in danger by sharing this photo or information?