3 Things Married People Fight About the Most

Can you guess what made this list?

December 17, 2018

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I learned this weekend that getting into arguments in a romantic relationship is 100% normal. Two people with two different opinions or ideas aren't going to agree with each other every second of every day. My boyfriend and I had our first fight. It wasn't a bad fight or anything. Most importantly though, we discovered we were a normal healthy couple and that we were able to work together to resolve an issue. 

Even the most perfect couples will fight. People who have been happily married for fifty years still will fight. There are healthy and unhealthy arguments and you can learn the difference here. But what do you think are the hot topics that married couples fight over the most?

A study was done by Lasting, an APP for marriage counseling, of 75,000 married couples. Here's what the research found causes married couples to fight the most:

1. Finances: Is this really surprising? Money, debt, investments, and retirement planning are all important things a couple should work on together, but many times that doesn't happen. I know first hand how hiding money can impact trust in a relationship. In my marriage, my ex never was upfront about the money he made at his job. He was always vague about his salary. When he was making much less than me, he made me feel bad that he was underpaid. It made him feel like less of a man because I was paying the lion share of the bills. But even after he landed that great paying job, he still wouldn't contribute. 

2. How Much Time to Spend on your Phones: Our devices are dividing us and making us less present in our lives. Social media, email, and things for work can all be taking up a lot of time and it can hurt your relationship. Couples should establish rules when it comes to phone use. We've all seen the couple eating dinner at a nice restaurant and both people are on their phones ignoring one another. Put the phone down and unplug. Most importantly, know when you should put away your phone and give your spouse your undivided attention. 

3. How Clean Your Home Should Be: I would hope that in the dating phase and even the earlier stages of a relationship that a couple figures out how each person prefers to live. How often do they clean their place? Are they super neat and tidy or do a bit messy? Some people are so set in their ways that they cannot change. If you're a neat freak living married to a slob, you'll most likely be picking up after them. This can create resentments and even cause the relationship to fail. Again, this is something you all need to hash out before you walk down the aisle. 

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