The 3 Things You Need To Be Happy

December 28, 2017

© Adonis1969 | Dreamstime

I think we've all been trying to figure out the key to happiness for a long time. Some believe it's winning the lottery and suddenly becoming super rich. But I assure you the saying "mo' money, mo' problems" didn't just come out of nowhere!

Researchers in Australia are trying to find out what makes people happy. They've been doing this research for 15 years and finally think they've narrowed it down to three simple things!

Any guesses before I reveal these three magic things?

The three things you need to be happy:

1. Good personal relationships
2. Financial security
3. A feeling of purpose

Notice that one of them is economic security. Financial security does not mean having a boatload of money! It means being able to survive and live life. Although the study does say, that money wasn't the most important. People living on a lower income can ultimately be happy as long as the other two items are checked off the list.

So with 2018 right around the corner, this could be an excellent place to start with your resolution. If you're not happy perhaps examine which of these three items are missing in your life and make the changes to make 2018 a year of happiness!