3 Times It's Acceptable To Lie In A Relationship

Sometimes the truth hurts or can cause issues!

February 13, 2018

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But wait, weren't we taught that it's never ok to lie? Yes, we were. But I think when you see this list you will agree that sometimes the truth can hurt and cause lots of issues. 

I think we can all come to a consensus that some things do not need to be revealed in a relationship because nothing good can come from your partner knowing about it.

"According to a survey conducted by Dr. Pepper, 75% of people in committed relationships admit that they lie." That's three-quarters of people polled. But see I am of the school that not all lies are evil. In fact, some are a necessary evil in a relationship.

We all want to know about our partner's past. But do we want to know every little detail? You know like how many people they've slept with, craziest thing they've done, etc. I think we all just need to accept that we all have a past, but it's what we are doing in the present that matters.

So this would be the first thing that you can lie about...

1. Your past relationships/sexual history!

2. That you cheated on them. If you got away with it, there's no reason to tell someone you were unfaithful. If you are telling them it's just a way for you to free your conscious of this horrible thing you did. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

3. The real reason you're dumping them. Sometimes being vague about the reason you're ending things is the best option. If you're are dropping your man because he lacks the skills you need in the bedroom, it's still best to say something like "we just don't have the same things in common". Sometimes the real truth can hurt someone and hurt them bad.

See, sometimes ignorance is bliss! Those are the things I find acceptable to lie to your sig other over because the truth can really hurt them. You can get a list of 5 things you can lie about in your relationship from Bustle here.