3 Ways To Have A Healthier Relationship With Your Phone

Do you need to cut back a bit?

August 12, 2019

Spending all that time on your phone is not good for your physical or mental health. If you're struggling to create healthy phone habits, I found a few tips that can help you get on track.

I used to spend so much time on my phone because I was miserable with my love life and trying to escape. There was something nice about living vicariously through what other people shared online. But now I love my life and want to be as present as possible. I try and limit my time and I don't break out my phone mid-meal to check what's going on in the Instagram World. 

3 Tips for Healthier Phone Use:

1. Limit your screen time! How much time do you spend on your phone per day? Is your phone distracting you from getting work done or having quality time with family or friends? It may be time to cut back on your screen time. There are ways to manage your screen time in both the Apple iOS and Android OS. You can also manage the screen time of your children and teens as well. 

Again, if your face is constantly in your phone, you are missing out on the World that's happening right in front of you.

2. Sit Up Straight! Posture is one of the issues many frequent phone users have problems with in the long run. After playing a game on your phone or scrolling through social media, does your neck hurt? You could be suffering from "text neck." This bad position is causing us to reverse the typical backward curve of the neck. Instead, keep your phone at eye level as this will keep your head held up with your shoulders back. 

3. Turn down your phone's screen! Your phone just like the sun emits a blue light. This light throws off our ability to melatonin, which makes us sleepy. So if you use your phone in bed when you are trying to unwind, you are actually hurting yourself and preventing yourself from falling asleep. Plus this light can also cause skin problems like wrinkles and skin discoloration! 

Do you think you have a problem with spending too much time on your phone?