4 Character Traits Of A Cheater

January 17, 2019

© Igor Mojzes | Dreamstime.com

Lord knows no one wants to fall for someone who is a repeat cheater. But sometimes it happens to the best of us. But there are some undeniable character traits that someone who is more likely to cheat will have, and now you can look out for them. 

On a side note, the problem today is that we live in a society where most people are always looking for the greener pasture. That applies to our jobs, our homes, and even our partners. So many people have one foot in and the other foot out looking for the next best thing. It seems to be the reality of today, and it sucks. We somehow cannot be happy with the awesome person we found. Okay, I am getting off my soapbox. 

I know people cheat for all different reasons. But here a few traits of someone who is more likely to stray.

1. They are sneaky: Maybe they are sneaky with their phone and letting it just lay anywhere when you are around. They aren't forthcoming with sharing specific details of their life, and they tend to give you vague information. 

2. They love to flirt with everyone: I will say, that I have been called flirty before. I am friendly and like to engage in conversation with people when I am out and about. But I guess if the flirting is kicked up a notch, and it seems to happen all the time, and even in front of you, this is never a good sign.

3. They accuse you of cheating: This is a huge one. If you have seriously not given this person any reason to think you are stepping out on them, but they are accusing you of cheating... it's because they're doing the cheating. They are just trying to deflect the attention from their philandering ways. 

4. Their behavior is inconsistent: This is a huge on in my opinion. If all of a sudden they want to spend more time apart, start working later and don't do the things they say they will, this is a huge red flag. Inconsistency drives me nuts. 

Again, no one wants to get cheated on. Now you know a few warning signs and can be a bit pickier when it comes to those you date. If you see these traits, you can cut and run before you get hurt.