4 Odd Tricks to Relieve Stress

Feeling overwhelmed? Try these

January 25, 2019

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We all know that having too much stress in our lives can be very, very bad for us! It can impact our sleep, diet, and even our overall health shortening our life span. 

If you're feeling stressed out, there are some neat tricks that can help you get more centered fast. Maybe you need you to give these a try this weekend and see how you feel. 

1. De-clutter your home: If you need inspiration on where to begin the decluttering/organization process you can watch the Marie Kondo Netflix series. You've likely heard people talking about it or maybe you've seen people post pictures of their Marie Kondo cleanups on social media. What is it about throwing stuff out and cleaning that helps reduce stress? Experts suggest that cluttered homes and spaces can increase your cortisol throughout the day.