4 Secret Reasons People Get Dumped

June 12, 2018

© Alain Lacroix | Dreamstime

Sometimes the truth hurts. And sometimes it hurts so much that it's just better not to be honest with the person you are dumping. 

People end relationships for many different reasons and some are ridiculous like the person wore the ugliest jeans. I seriously had a friend breakup a guy because his jeans were from the early 2000's. She even tried to help him find some better option, but he didn't want to change. 

Here are 4 of the secret reasons people dump someone according to a new study:

1. 32% of people ended things because someone wasn't smart enough. Looks fade so if someone is dumber than dirt you won't have much to discuss. 

2. 19% of people break up with someone because they feel like they are too good for the person. Amen to this reason. Sometimes we get involved with someone and we put up with some crap that we don't deserve but we aren't in a place to make a break. Over time we finally see the writing on the wall and realize we are so much better than they are and they will never be better.

3. 18% do it because they felt they were much better looking than the person. Sometimes love is blind, I suppose.

4. 16% dumped someone because the other person wasn't funny enough. It gets exhausting fake laughing at someone's bad jokes so I can totally get this reason. 

What is the secret reason you ended your last relationship?