4 Things to Do When You Win the Mega Millions

You might be surprised by these!

October 19, 2018

© Calley Cederlof

Did you buy your tickets for tonight's Mega Millions drawing? You better go out on lunch or stop at the store after work because tonight's jackpot is insane! 

And that $970 figure can rise between now and the drawing depending on how many people buy tickets. Can you imagine winning nearly a billion dollars? What's the first thing you would do?

If your answers are quit your job, go on Facebook Live to tell the World, or go on an insane shopping spree--- well those are all things you should not do if you win! So here's what you should do if you happen to match all six numbers in tonight's drawing!

1. Shut your mouth! Do not tell everyone. Do not post it on social media! People will crawl out of the woodwork claiming to be your long-lost cousin or someone you owe money in an effort to try and get your cash. Also, if you happen to owe debts to the government or credit card companies, they too will come a knocking for their money!

2. Hire an attorney that specializes in taxes! You just won $970 million so there will be taxes to pay! Find someone you can trust to advise you and protect you should people try and bring lawsuits against you because they know you now have a windfall of cash!

3. Get a financial planner/advisor! This person will help you manage your new found money so you do not end up like so many other lottery winners and broke in five years. They can help you pay off your debt, make smart investments, and create a budget. 

4. Sign the ticket! This is super important. This makes it official and then no one else can take your ticket and claim the prize. 

And a bonus thing to do if you win, send your friend Kelly some money for advising you what to do when you win and most importantly reminding you to buy some tickets. After all, I do have a baby on the way.