4 Things Most Couples Don't Discuss

May 23, 2018

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When it comes to issues in relationships, most of them can be traced back ti a lack of communicating. You'd think discussing hopes, goals, and frustrations with your partner would be something most couples do on the regular. But truth be told, most couples do not know how to communicate with one another in an efficient manner. And some topics couples won't even bring up. 

Not talking about specific issues within a relationship can create resentments and take the relationship down a path of destruction. Sure, some of these topics aren't the most comfortable to bring up, but it's something most couples need to do and even do more.

1. Things That Are Annoying You. Relationships aren't all rainbows and teddy bears. Sometimes you just have to tell your partner when they are annoying you so you can discuss it and move on. Keeping this frustration in will only build tension and resentment in the relationship.

2. Sex. Not discussing your needs sexually or not getting enough sex could lead to severe resentments. If there are certain things you expect or need in the bedroom, it's best to share them with your partner so you could be on the same page.

3. How Your Day Went. This is such a simple one, but sometimes it's overlooked. Ask your partner how their day was and discuss it. Answering "fine" about your day isn't enough.

4. What Happens If Things End. I think this one is probably the hardest for most people. We want to think that our relationship is the one that will last forever, but statistics are not in our favor. So what's the plan should things end? Who gets what? It's better to have a plan ahead of time so you can be calm and handle your business with less drama. 

Just think how many more relationships would be successful if we just opened up more and communicated with our partner.