4 Things You Do That Your Dog Hates

So, please stop now!

January 21, 2019

© Luriya Chinwan | Dreamstime.com

There are things that you do that you may think your dog loves, but this is not always the case! Just because they call dogs "man's best friend" does not mean they have to like everything we do. 

Every dog has their unique personality so you may not know what their expression or actions mean.  

Here are four things that Alexandra Horowitz, a renowned dog-cognition researcher at Columbia University, told IFLScience that your dog hates!

1. When You Guilt-Shame them! You've likely seen the photos or videos online of dogs after they did something terrible. Some of these photos have gone viral and even become favorite memes. But here's the thing, your dog cannot stand when you do this. Horowitz found that dogs likely don't know what we want, and what our rules are. By capturing their photo or getting them on video, they don't understand why you're doing this. This can cause them distress. 

2. Hugging: I don't have a dog. I have two cats, and I love to hug and kiss on them to show them how much I love them. Likely, they think I am annoying and overbearing. There was an entire experiment done on humans hugging their dogs and how this made the dogs feel. The research was unanimous and found that 81% of dogs in this study were very uncomfortable. The study looked at 250 photos of dogs getting hugs and what their facial reactions indicated. Dogs show displeasure in different ways animal behaviorists have found." Sometimes dogs who bare their teeth. But, there are subtler indicators. The most common sign of anxiety is when the dog turns his head away from whatever is bothering or worrying him, sometimes also closing his eyes, at least partially. Alternatively, dogs will often show what is commonly called a "half-moon eye" or "whale eye” which is where you can see the white portion of the eyes at the corner or the rim."

3. Pulling them away when they are trying to sniff something! Owners want to protect their dogs so I think there are good intentions when we try and pull our dog away from something that may be harmful to them, but dog's hate this! Sometimes dogs want to stop and sniff everything, and that can make taking your dog for a walk a longer than the normal process. "We don't value smells much, but dogs live in an olfactory world. When you go for a walk with your dog, you are both seeing and smelling – but we are mostly seeing, and dogs are mostly smelling," Horowitz explains. 

4. Confining them to one room during storms or fireworks. Most dog and animals, in general, do not enjoy loud, unexpected noise. Thunderstorms, fireworks, and other loud sounds can stress dogs out. Owners tend to take their dog to the quietest room in the home to isolate them from the noise and help them.But experts say that this is not the way to make your dog more comfortable in these situations. Limiting them to small spaces can cause more stress and even injury if they try to forcefully get out of the area. 

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