4 Ways to be a More Positive Person

These tricks will help you feel better overall!

January 23, 2019

© Godfer | Dreamstime.com

It can be a challenge to have a positive outlook on things when the World is full of disasters and violent events. On a more micro level, the stresses of your job and family turmoil can also affect your positivity. 

If you feel like your stick in a negative cycle there are a few things you can do to help be more positive about what's happening around you. 

1. Work out: Exercising releases endorphins into our brain and they boost our mood. It also helps with sleep and can be a great way to reduce stress too. 

2. Be Present: This is a huge one! If you are finding yourself living with your face buried in your phone endlessly scrolling through social media, you have a problem. You aren't living the life around you. Likely, you are using social media as an escape. But this is bad because people often portray their lives to be way better than they actually are on social media and it can make you feel depressed about your own life. Put the phone down and live the life in front of you!

3. Compliment people and do kind gestures for others. What you put out into the universe will come back to you. I believe that 100%! 

4. Get Rid of social media or limit time on social media: This goes along with being more present in the moment! There's a lot of arguing and negativity on social media. If you feel as if it's making you feel miserable or stressed out, take a hiatus. Or you can even delete your accounts if you feel so inclined. I cannot do that because of work, but I definitely limit how much time I spend on it. It has made such a huge improvement in my life. 

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