4 Ways Being Too Nice at Work Can Hurt You

There's nice and there's being too nice!

February 10, 2019

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We all have our at work personas and our outside of work personas. There are specific ways we need to act in the workplace to be professional and work with others. Working in a radio station is a bit more relaxed than working for one of the big banks in an office position. I can wear more casual clothing because no one sees me for the most part. Also, we can be louder and more chatty around the office because it's acceptable. 

I'd like to think of myself as a good coworker that's nice to everyone and tries to help when it's needed, but sometimes being too nice can come back and bite you in the butt. You need to have a balance of being nice, but still set boundaries or you could easily be walked on. 

Here are 4 Ways You Niceness could hurt you:

1. People may take advantage of you! If you're always the yes guy or girl, people will keep asking you to do more and more. According to experts, being too nice could be perceived as being weak. Need some help saying no at work? Check out Matt & Ramona's Off Air Podcast all about saying no here

2. People won't respect you! Again, you don't want to seem like a pushover. Your niceness can get you overlooked for promotions at work. 

3. People will think you're boring! Who knew that nice is boring? If you're too nice and too accommodating, people may believe you are bland and boring. This could impact your work life because people may not invite you to after work events because they think you're a stick in the mud. 

4. You spread yourself too think! This one goes with the first one on the list. If you say yes to everyone and everything, you'll be taken advantage of, and you'll start eating into your time. If you take on too much all at once, it may appear as if you cannot do your regular job well because you are doing other things.

It's all about balance! Be nice, but don't be a martyr for your company! Learn how to set boundaries and say no. Most importantly, make sure you practice self-care. After working a long day, do something that makes you feel good so you can unwind and get your head into the right space.