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5 Cyber Monday Fun Facts

Are you getting all of the deals online today?

November 27, 2017

I'm not going to tell your boss if you're currently cruising online for all the Cyber Monday deals when you're supposed to be working. I would guess that I too will be looking for some vast savings too later this afternoon.

Here are a few fun facts about Cyber Monday you may not know.

1. Cyber Monday got its name in 2005 and was started by the National retail federation after a massive spike in sales the Monday after Thanksgiving. 

2. The most money spent all year long is during Cyber Monday. In fact, the amount we spend each year increases by $100 million. 

3. 95% of people plan to shop online more than be productive at work. Again, I'm not telling your boss. 

4. The lower prices are what draw most people in on Cyber Monday.

5. Cyber Monday is great because you can shop at work or home and not have to worry about fighting for a parking spot. 

I got some incredible deals on Black Friday, but I still need to do more shopping. 

Are you planning to do any Cyber Monday shopping?