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5 Foods That Can Derail Your Diet

Watch out for these!

January 7, 2019

Here we are nearly a week into 2019! How are doing with your healthy New Year's Resolutions? Are you on the struggle bus yet? 

Sometimes switching to a healthier lifestyle can be quite a challenge because we are constantly being bombarded with temptation in the form of junk foods. If you've been on social media the last week or so, you've likely seen all the posts about the new flavors of Oreo Cookies coming out soon. Or maybe you've been hit up by a coworker to support their daughter and purchase some Girl Scout Cookies! Where are the people peddling kale or why aren't we seeing advertisements about other healthy items?

If you aren't meeting your weight loss and diet goals, it could be the food you are eating. According to a new study, people give up on their diets because they are bored with healthy food options. It also found the average diet only lasts around three months before the person goes back to their old ways. 

These are the 5 foods that will likely keep you from reaching your diet goals:

1. Chocolate and other candy.

2.  Chips.

3.  Fish and chips (as in fries)

4. Pizza

5. Breakfast sandwiches

The good news is, you can likely find healthier ways to enjoy these dangerous foods. There are plenty of recipe swaps that change things up to make these items fit more into a healthy eating lifestyle.

I am officially drooling! That looks so good!

There are also "healthier" versions of things like chocolate and candy that can help with cravings, but if you eat too much of these, you likely won't lose weight.