5 Foods That Can Fight Colds

Crud be gone!

January 23, 2019

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Have you been unfortunate enough yet to catch the nastiness that has been going around lately? Ugh, it's bad! We had something go through the office that was a sinus infection, strep throat, or flu depending on the person! Mine started out as a sinus infection, but antibiotics weren't making me better so it was determined that it was some viral thing. 

It's now two weeks later and I am now starting to feel more like myself. During the thick of the sickness, I definitely tried some food and drink options to help alleviate my symptoms. If you're suffering with a cough, congestion, and grossness these five foods can help you fight a pesky cold. 

1. Chicken Soup: Yes, this isn't just an old wives tale! Experts believe it's the carnosine in the soup from the chicken that helps break up mucus and help with a blocked nose. Matzah ball soup also works well as does Vietnamese Pho noodle soup. If you get Pho add a bit of the sriracha or chili and you will be breathing better than ever in no time! 

2. Garlic: Again, this is another one we've heard about that does work to help block enzymes in bacterial and viral infections. 

3. Yogurt: This one surprises me. When I have a cold, any dairy products seem to make me have more mucus. People who ate yogurt when they had cold-like symptoms recovered two days earlier than those who didn't eat yogurt. 

4. Oysters: They are full of zinc which is found in many cold medicines!

5. Honey: This is a great way to suppress coughing. According to research, kids who took two teaspoons of honey before bed had less coughing throughout the night. 

What are some of your tried and true at home remedies to help fight a cold or flu?