5 Foods That Cause the Most Holiday Weight Gain

It's that time of year again!

December 17, 2018

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We are in that dreaded period of time when all the amazing foods are everywhere! The different food and drink items that people serve and are in stores around the holidays in amazing. My mouth is seriously watering thinking about Christmas dinner, holiday parties,  and all the yummy foods. Oh, and all the holiday baked goods. 

If you are trying to be good this year and not gain all the weight there are some foods you need to avoid this time of year What do you think are the foods that cause the most holiday weight gain? With all the holiday parties coming up it may be hard to avoid some of the goodies, but your waist will thank you come January. 

1. Eggnog: It's so good but so bad for you! If you're drinking the kind with alcohol, you already know alcohol has a lot of empty calories. Also, the ingredients in eggnog are bad too. It's made eggs, sugar, and cream and can be 350 calories per serving. If you have one too many servings you can be going over your daily calorie intake.

2. Deviled Eggs: They're so good, but they can be the devil when it comes to dieting. Just one of them has almost an entire day's worth of cholesterol!!! And let's be honest, you cannot just eat one because eating one is so easy it leads to two and maybe even five!

3. Meatballs: They are an easy go-to party food because you can make them so many different ways and they are an ideal finger food. Typically, they are made using high fats meats. Just swapping out those meats for turkey can make your meatballs much more calorie friendly. 

4. Cheese: There was a study two years ago that found cheese had the same properties as drugs when it interacts with our brains! I love cheese and cannot turn down a good cheese platter. But cheese served at parties with crackers or bread can quickly add up to 500 calories!

5. Pecan Pie: A single slice has 500 calories and about 30 grams of fat!! Just stay away if you can! 

Remember, everything is okay in moderation. If you're eating these foods on a daily basis over the holidays you will likely need to start wearing stretchy pants because all those calories will lead to weight gain. 

What's your plan this Holiday season to still enjoy food without going overboard?