5 Of The Germiest Places In The Office


December 27, 2018

There are germs and bacteria everywhere including on us at all times. But there are certain places that a bit more germ infested that we encounter every day at work without thinking twice, until today. 

I think some of these won't shock you, but others may. 

The germiest place in your office... 

1. The watercooler. More specifically the spout where the water comes out and the handle you hold down to get the water to flow. Yuck! I think from now on I will stick with bottled water. 

2. The communal refrigerator!! This is the one that I actually thought would be on the top of the list. I have worked at quite a few places where the inside of the refrigerator straight up looked like some insane science project. 

3. The microwave: Again, this one is pretty obvious. All the fish and reheated dinner, plus the burnt popcorn make for a bacteria playground. Yuck

4. Communal Pens and Pencils: BTW, do you know some people chew on the ends of the pens? Just think of all the grossness that's festering on them.

5. Your desk! And you're probably eating breakfast and lunch at it on the regular. You might want to think twice or get into a regular desk cleaning routine because experts suggest it has 400 times more bacteria on it than the toilet. Gag

Happy Monday on that note. Now excuse me while I go stock up on Clorox wipes and spray to take into work with me to do a little cleaning!