5 Healthy Tips That Help with Weight Loss

Dropping lbs. isn't easy!

January 9, 2019

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Are you still on that weight loss resolution train? Or maybe you've had a bit of a bumpy go at it and you aren't seeing the results you wanted to on the scale. 

Losing weight is not easy... at all! But there are a few things you can try that can increase your chances for success. Here are five tips that can aid in the weight loss process and some of them are pretty easy! After all, 8% of people end up sticking with their New Year's Resolution once we get into February! Here's to more people keeping up with their goals and crushing them!

1. Get your steps up now! Have you been sitting for a while at work? Now is the perfect time to get up and do a couple of laps around the office. Getting up to walk while at work every hour or so can help you meet those steps goals. 

2. Keep your goals realistic! If you think you can lose 30lbs in a month, you likely will be very disappointed when you don't reach your goal. If you make smaller, incremental goals you work is much more likely to pay off in the long run. 

3. Pay more attention to the calories you are taking in! There are so many excellent APPs that help track your daily food intake and many already have popular food choices you may be eating in their system. 

4. Watch those calories in your drinks! If you get a Starbucks Frappuccino every morning, you are taking in a lot of calories and sugars! Over the day this can add up and really impact your weight loss. 

5. Find a partner! Do you have a friend, family member, or coworker that's trying to get healthy and lose weight? Band together with them for added support and encouragement. It's easier to accomplish your goals if you have someone cheering you on! 

The great news about this time of year is there's no shortage of tips and tricks to losing weight. Just remember, some of the diets are fads and can hurt you.