5 Of The Most Annoying People At The Gym


December 26, 2018

@ Monkey Business Images | Dreamstime

Let the gym frequenters be warned. Your sacred place is about to be invaded by a bunch of newbies that decided that they would start working out as part of their New Year's Resolution. You'll just need to be a little more patient as the gym is about to be the place to be after January 1st. But remember, we were all once a gym newbie and we should welcome these people with open arms and help them if we can. But sometimes it can be frustrating when people don't understand gym etiquette. 

I discovered a love for the gym and working out this Summer. I was always the girl with a million excuses not to workout, but now I hate missing a class. But while going to the gym gives me the boost I sometimes need, the people I encounter make me want to scream.

These people are clueless about proper gym etiquette. 

1. The Texter: Yes, I see this all the time. Someone is just sitting on one of the machines having an extended text conversation with God knows who. Meanwhile, they are tying up that machine. Which brings me to the next annoying person...

2. The Machine Hog: Some gyms have policies about how long you spend on one machine. But some don't! You should still be mindful of others and share the equipment.

3. The Selfie Snapper: I swear to God some people just go to the gym to snap a few selfies. It seems that if you don't take a workout selfie than your workout clearly never happened. Just stop!

4. The Person Who Doesn't Wipe: See all those spray bottles and paper towel dispensers all over the gym? Those are so you can clean your sweaty ass marks off the bike or whatever other equipment you used.

5. The show-off/Lound grunter: I feel like these two are the same person.

Even though I see quite a few of these annoying people at the gym, I still go. After you get into your routine the rest of the gym people kind of start to disappear and I get into my happy place.