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5 of the Most Annoying Phrases Used in Email

November 28, 2018

The emails you receive from coworkers or related to work are generally worded in a polite manner using phrases like "I hope this helps." But just like the phrase "bless your heart" these commonly used words have a different meaning too. 

While they may come off as being polite and non-confrontational, they are actually the complete opposite. 

Emails can be great to send out a quick note about something, but sometimes the meaning behind the email gets lost in translation. Here are five of the most annoying phrases people use in emails and their real meanings.

1. "Let Me Clairify" You do not understand what is being asked of you so I am going to explain it in terms you may better understand. 

2. "Per My last Email" Did you even read the last email because it sure seems like you didn't. You better read this email and the one before so there's no need for any questions or clarification. 

3. "Just checking in" Are you even reading my emails? Why have you not responded? I will continue to send you emails until I get a response. You cannot avoid me!

4. "Hope this helps" You're an idiot do I need to spell everything out to you?

5. "As Stated Below" I am not going to bother to summarize what is in the email chain below. Instead, you will have to read through it all to understand. 

While these phrases drive me crazy, there's still nothing worse to people who hit reply all to non-sense emails and use memes or gif's to respond. Just stop!