5 of the Most Dangerous Toys for Summer 2018

Parents, you need to look at this list!

June 22, 2018

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Remember back in the day when we were kids? The World was so much more dangerous. Think about the toys we had growing up as children. Playgrounds were so different back in the day! We didn't have rubbery surfaces to land on when we fell off the monkey bars. Instead, we had gravel or asphalt. And what about the sliding boards? They were made out of metal and would burn your backside in the Summer heat. 

Times are different now and although there are a lot more safety measures in place to protect kids, there are still toys out there that are very dangerous. 

ToySaftey.org reports that 2.5 million kids are injured every Summer. If you want to spend more time having fun and less time in the Emergency Room, you should take a look at this list.

The 5 most dangerous toys for kids this Summer:

1. Water Balloon Slingshots: Anything with a slingshot sounds like an injury waiting to happen. These shot water balloon with a lot of force and can cause injury. Also, tiny pieces of broken balloons can be a choking hazard for young kids and even pets. 

2. Lawn Darts: These have a potential for blunt impact injury. 

3. Big Wheels/Plastic Tricycles: Their low profile makes them particularly difficult for motorists to see in driveways and near roads. Additionally, when riding near pools, children have died when falling from riding toys into pools.

4. Backyard Water Slides: I loved my slip and slide back in the day, but I definitely had a few and witnessed some pretty bad injuries. The warning is for older children and adults. These water slides, set up on the ground, have the potential to result in neck injury and paralysis if used by adults and teens.

5. Bounce Houses and Trampolines:  There have been numerous reports of these bounce houses falling over or being blown away. Plus when you're bouncing you may not realize you are about to bounce on top of someone else. 

There are more warnings on the list too. Check them out below. Here's to an ER-trip free Summer!