5 Most Popular Things People Re-Gift

Everyone has re-gifted something!

December 14, 2018

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Today marks the official day to celebrate something that many consider a holiday snub or a social no-no. It's National Re-Gifting Day! If you take a present that someone gave you and wrap it up and give it to someone else, you just re-gifted something. 

People re-gift presents for many reasons. Some because they are too cheap to buy someone something. Others don't have the funds to buy someone a gift. Also, if you're put on the spot last minute you may just grab something fast and give it as a gift.

What items do you think are the most re-gifted during the Holiday season? It just so happens that many of the items on this list were also on the list of the worst gifts to give or receive that I gave you earlier this month. Hmmmm... I think I see a pattern here. 

1. Candles

2. Gift Cards

3. Houseware

4. Clothing

5. Bath soaps/Body Wash

I am shocked that clothing is on the list because so many people have such a specific style or size. Wouldn't it be hard to re-gift a sweater? I can see re-gifting a scarf and gloves, but not a true item of clothing.