5 Signs You Have It All Together

How many can you check off the list?

February 25, 2019

© Evgenyatamanenko | Dreamstime.com

What does it mean to have your life together? I suppose for different people or different cultures there are certain milestones a person must cross to consider having "it together." 

Freeletics conducted a survey to figure out what 2000 people view as having it together. It's no surprise that research conducted by a fitness brand found that working out had a direct relationship with person happiness and having it together or not. 

What are 5 Signs You Have It All Together:

1. You own a house 

2. Follows through on plans 

3. Regular exercise routine 

4. High paying job

5. Married 

There's actually a list of 20 signs you have it all together that you can see here. How many of the top 5 do you agree with on the list? I know plenty of people that can check all of those off the list, but I wouldn't consider them having their lives put together. 

Ironically enough, as you get further down the list, the items become more physical attributes like having a nice haircut or material objects like owning designer shoes. Again, I know plenty of people that could probably check many of the twenty items off the list, but still don't have it together. 

We live in a World where a lot of people are faking it till they make. Perception is key! If you can portray success and having your life in order, people will believe it.