5 Superstitions to Get a Snow Day

#SnOMG is coming!!

December 7, 2018

© Fsstock | Dreamstime.com

Winter Storm Diego is coming and is expected to impact our area this weekend into Monday. Some weather people are referring to this storm as "the snowstorm of a generation" because some parts of Western North Carolina can get over 18 inches of snow! 

Obviously, here in Charlotte, we are going to get less. Depending on who you trust, we can see anywhere from 1-10 inches and there could be some ice mixed in too. The time to plan is now! Get out to the store and stock up on snacks and other items as roads can be bad for a few days. 

You know people in our area freak out when one snowflake flies so I am leaning towards the kids likely having a snow day on Monday because we will still be cleaning up from Diego! 

Of course, there's no guarantee school will be closed, but there are some things you can try if you're superstitious to get that day off. 

1. Put your PJs on inside out and backward

2. Throw ice cubes out the window

3. Yell “Snow Day!” into the freezer

4. Do a snow dance! Get your whole squad in on it for a stronger force

5. Put a white crayon on every windowsill in your house

Who knows exactly how much snow we will see in Charlotte. I just hope it's enough for a snow day on Sunday so my fiance and I can put up the Christmas tree.