These 5 Topics Can Make Your Holiday Get Together Awkward

Want a peaceful holiday? Don't discuss these!

November 7, 2019
People enjoying a holiday meal together.

Is your social calendar full of Holiday get-togethers and family gatherings? This time of year can be a bit overwhelming because typically there are a lot more social events scheduled like office Holiday parties, events with your kids, and your family. 

We will all be spending more face time with family and friends we may not see on a regular basis and that can make for some awkward conversations.

So how can you avoid those awkward run-ins and conversations? You can just stay far, far away from these topics. OnePoll conducted a study and found that more than 15 percent of people admitted that participating in conversations with friends and family stressed them out. In fact, 64 percent of people admit that they've been caught up in a conversation that they deemed inappropriate. So what topics stress people out the most?

1. Politics

2. Questions about one's personal life

3. Religion

4. Money

5. Life changes like relationships and weight

Of course, there is always that person at the party or dinner that loves to ask all the wrong questions and point out things about you to make you feel embarrassed. Hopefully, this year that person's invite gets lost in the mail.