Front view of two angry businesspeople using computers disputing at workplace and looking sideways each other with envy

5 Ways You Are Annoying You Coworkers

Do these things bother you?

September 9, 2019

Monday's can be hard! They can be extra hard when you are at work and having to deal with a coworker or a few that are breaking a few cardinal work place rules. 

What's the biggest annoyance when it comes to the people you work with? I bet you won't get the most annoying thing right!

According to a new study, these are the 5 most annoying things about working with other people. 

5. Interrupting phone calls

4. Messy work areas

3. Leaving a mess in the kitchen

2. Ignoring emails

1. Poor hygiene

If you aren't showering as you should or forgetting to put on deodorant, this is the most annoying offense according to those polled with 43% of the vote. 

I'd like to say that this also includes those people that wear way too much cologne or body spray and those who have horrible breath and don't do anything to fix it. 

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