These Are the 5 Things Couples Fight About the Most

How many of these have you argued over?

October 9, 2019
couple sitting on the floor and quarrelling

I think everyone wonders if their relationship would be considered normal. If you and your partner get into arguments, that is completely normal. Couples that don't fight may have bigger issues like one or both people don't care to fight because they've checked out of the relationship. Getting into spats shows that you still care. 

There have been countless studies and experts opinions given related to fighting in relationships. Over the years, I have learned a few things. Most couples tend to fight later at night because they are tired/stressed, drank too much alcohol, or aren't thinking logically. How much does the average couple fight per month? 19 times

There are certain hot topics that seem to cause the most bickering in a relationship. According to a new study of 75,000 married couples from Lasting, a marriage health APP, these are the top reasons we fight. 

1. Cleaning: How does it get done? Who is doing what chore? Are both people equally participating in cleaning? A third of Americans have admitted to ending a relationship over cleaning. 

2. Sex: How often should you be having sex? If you talk openly with your significant other about your sex drive and your needs, you likely can get on the same page. 

3. Money: Once you are married or living together, you need to make decisions on spending as a team. Sneaking around with money or making big purchases without discussing it, can cause huge issues. Just like physical cheating and having sex with someone else, you can also be finally cheating too. 

4. Definition of Clean: Everyone has their idea of what clean is. If two people aren't on the same page with this, fights will definitely happen. I would like to think that this is something you work out and learn about a person long before you get married or move in together. 

5. Phone Use: This one has grown in popularity over the last few years because we live in a World where people struggle to disconnet from social media, email, and texting. If you or your partner are spending time together and one or both of you are on the phone all the time, this will take it's toll. Some couples need to actually make rules about when the phone should be put away so you can have quality time together. 

How many of these do you fight over on the regular?