5 Things That Distract Us at Work

Are you guilty of any of these?

March 5, 2019

© Fizkes | Dreamstime

I have ADHD, so I get distracted easily at work. Thankfully, there's medication for that, and I can use it to keep focused. One of my most significant assets is my ability to multitask. 

As a radio personality in 2018, we don't just talk on the radio. There's show prep before work to figure out what's going on in the World. Once at work, there's content creation for the website. I love writing, so I don't struggle with this unless it's a super slow news day and I'm not finding inspiration. Part of my job is also posting onto the station social media accounts too. Oh, and recording commercials and keeping us on the air. 

According to a new study, we are more distracted than ever at work, and this hurts productivity. What do you think people are most distracted by?

1. Social media: Many of us work in front of a computer or we have our phones nearby so this makes sense.

2. Surfing the web looking at news sites, online shopping, or cat videos. Yup, I'm guilty. But I think I get a free pass on this and the social media thing because it's part of my job.

3. Chatting with coworkers about non-work things.

4. Coffee Breaks.

5. Texting people.

You can see more of the items that made the list here and also see how much time the average worker is spending per workday doing these other things. 

I know some employers block certain websites like facebook so employees cannot have access during the day. Thank God, mine doesn't, and I'm paid to be all over social media and browsing the internet all day long.