5 Things We Want to Know About Our Partner's Sexual History

In this case, sometimes it's better to not know.

February 26, 2019

© Kamil Macniak | Dreamstime.com

We are all curious about people's past lives. We are even more curious about those we get romantically involved with because maybe there's something crazy they did back in the day. When it comes to your partner's sexual past, it's just better not to know the details. 

What good can come out a question about how many people they slept with before they met you? Nothing! What if the number is huge? What if they don't have a lot of experience?

The only thing that really matters is if they are clean and don't have any STDs, right? 

Wrong! According to a new study, people are really curious when it comes to who their partner slept with and other sexual escapades they may have experienced. 

First of all, the study found that a third of Americans have lied to their partner about their sexual history. Are you really surprised by this? Men are more likely to lie than women, but us ladies still fib a bit too. 

What 5 things do we want to know about their sexual history?

1. How many people they've slept with in the past?

2. What kind of "freaky" stuff they've gotten into?

3. How many people they've dated?

4. If they've ever had a threesome or been in a group sex situation.

5. Their funny or embarrassing sex stories. 

Another tidbit from the study, on average, men think their partner should have had nine partners, while women think their partner should have closer to six.

This is just asking for issues within your relationship. What if the man of your dreams had some crazy sexual past full of "freaky" stuff and threesomes? It's going to be hard to not want to ask more questions to get more details. This just leads to a very bad place!