5 Things You Should Never Give A Woman For Christmas

Stay far away from these gifts!

November 28, 2018

© Dreampixels | Dreamstime

Some people are just awful when it comes to giving gifts. I'm not even talking about those who are cheap or end up regifting something. I am talking about people that buy things that are straight up inappropriate. Christmas is coming, and I found a list of things men should never purchase a woman for Christmas. 

I do think there are some items on this list that a woman wouldn't want to unwrap on Christmas day. But some of these gifts are awesome, and I think quite a few women would love them.

This is a consensus of the items I found on the do not buy lists all over the internet. I think under the right circumstances, some of these things can be great gifts.

1. Vaccum Cleaner: Don't you dare do it unless she's specifically asked you to buy her on for Christmas!!

2. Blender: Again, unless she's into juicing or making protein shakes, just don't do it. If she's hinted that she wants one of the super expensive ones this year, by all means, have at it.

3. Scale: Do I need to explain this? 

4. Jewelry if she's hoping for an engagement ring this year: You've been together for five years, and she thinks this year is it. Do not, I repeat, do not buy her jewelry because it will just lead to disappointment. And if this item comes in a small ring-like box she may think you're about to ask and be severely disappointed when she opens earings.

5. Kitchen Appliances: While I would love the Chrome Kitchen Aid Mixer, I flat out told my boyfriend it's not something he should buy me. Some women would like this from their man; I'm not there yet. Maybe in a few years.

And I am just adding gift cards on as a runner-up on the list. Some women feel like gift cards are thoughtless and show that you put zero effort into getting her something this year.

How do you feel about this list? Are gift cards acceptable gifts from your spouse or partner?