5 Tips to Protect Holiday Packages from Porch Pirates

Package theft is on the rise!

December 7, 2018

© David Wood | Dreamstime.com

Have you been taking advantage of all the amazing online deals for Christmas presents? Every single day I get tons of emails about this item and that item being discounted with free shipping. It's really hard to say no to an offer like that, right? 

Online shopping is great because you don't have to fight traffic, find parking, or stand in line forever! But with the good comes that bad side and that's all the crappy people just lurking waiting to steal your packages after they've been delivered. 

They call these people porch pirates. They literally sit out in a neighborhood and watch for delivery trucks often following them from house to house. If the driver delivers the package leaving it on the person's porch they swoop in and take it. Bahumbug to them!

The good news is there are ways you can safeguard your holiday deliveries. 

1. Change your shipping address to work or an Amazon locker, Fedex Office, or friends house. 

2. Watch out for people who seem to be lurking around your neighborhood. Also, be a good neighbor if you know the people on your street. If you see packages out on the porch, take them in your home and let them know you are keeping them safe. 

3. Install a security camera.

4. Require a signature for your delivery. If you aren't home, you cannot sign for the package which means it will just go back to the warehouse.

5. Keep track of all of your deliveries online so someone can be home to get them when they come. 

Of course, you could always have fun with these evil people trying to steal your gifts like the video below.