5 Tricks to Keep Your Tree Alive Through End of December

A dead tree is dangerous and not very pretty.

December 3, 2019
Christmas Trees ready to be Decorated

I saw a few stands pop up the weekend before Thanksgiving and people were actually buying the trees and putting them up. 

There are so many great things about having a real Christmas tree like that fresh pine smell that fills your home. Also, real trees tend to look a lot better than artificial ones. But real trees come with a lot more responsibilities. 

If you bought your tree earlier in the season before or around Thanksgiving, that means you have to work to maintain that tree at least until Christmas over a month away. Here are some tips to make sure your tree stays fresh through the Holidays. 

1. Make sure you water it enough: This is the first rule and perhaps the most important one of them all. By maintaining the water level in the base, you are helping the tree stay hydrated so the needles stay on and the branches do not begin to drop. Also, if you aren't watering your tree enough, this will dry it out creating a fire hazard! Side note: if you have pets, they likely will drink the water under the tree so the levels will need to be checked more often. 

2. Make sure the tree is fresh: Remember the scene in A Christmas Story where the father spins the tree around and sort of bangs the stump on the ground? If a ton of needles shed off, this probably means that this tree isn't very fresh and you should move on. How can you know how fresh a tree is? Find a farm and take the family and cut it down yourself. 

3. Soak the tree overnight/hose it down: Before bringing it into your home, let the tree's stump soak in a bucket of water overnight. Also, hose off the tree to remove any dirt, bugs, and other debris like lose needles. 

4. Pick the right spot in your home: You do not want to put the tree next to a heat source, fireplace, or direct sunlight as these will all speed up the process of drying your tree out again making it a fire hazard. 

5. Get the proper stand: Depending on the size of your tree, you are going to need to find a stand that holds the amount of water the tree needs to survive. The rule of thumb is one quart of water per inch of tree stem diameter. 

Again, if this all seems too daunting for you, perhaps you should opt for an artificial tree. Although a fake tree isn't the same as a real one, the fake ones have come a long way, and if you invest some money, you can find a good one that will last a long time and look nice too.