Woman eating lunch at her desk at work.

Could Your Job Be Making You Gain Weight?

Is this your issue?

December 27, 2019

We live in a society where it seems like everyone is watching what they eat and hitting the gym to lose weight. A recent study actually found that at any given time, nearly half of Americans are trying to drop excess pounds. 

We know that we need to eat a balanced diet and make healthy choices if we want to lose weight. And we also know that it's important to incorporate exercise into our regimine because we need to burn calories to hit our weight loss golas. But there's one factor you may not have considered when it comes to things that are keeping you off track. It's your job. 

CareerBuilder.com conducted a study and 45% of workers say that they have gained weight in the current job. Did you ever think your job could be the reason you are gaining weight? Half the people in the study have gained more than ten pounds because of their job.

5 Ways Your Job Is Making You Gain Weight: 

1. You sit at a desk all day long! Are you guilty of this? I know I am! I sit in my studio basically from 9a-3p getting up only to run to the ladies room. The average worker spends 6.5 hours a day sitting at their desk! There are ways to modify your desk so you can stand instead of sit all day.

2. Work is stressing you out so you are stress eating! Those pesky calories can add up fast especially if you are snacking on all the wrong things. 

3. Too tired from work to hit the gym: Nearly half of workers blame work for not hitting the gym.

4. Eating out too often! Do you pack your lunch or hit up the spot around the corner? Going out to lunch can not only cost you a lot of money, but dining out at restaurants means you are getting larger portions and calorie control is not in your hands. 

5. Too much drinking at happy hour! Drinks with coworkers can be great, but alcohol is full of empty calories. 

The good news is these are things you can easily change. Set aside time to work out before work if you are often too tired when the day is done. Pack a lunch that you've prepared to save money and avoid eating too many calories. Get up every hour and stand at your desk or take a quick walk around the office.