Family sitting on the couch with golden retriever in foreground at home in the living room

You Might Prefer Your Pets Over Your Kids If...

How many of these apply to you?

September 6, 2019

Our love runs deep for our pets! I even refer to my cat as my first born child although technically I just had a baby so she's my first born. You know what I mean?

Just how much do parents love their pets? 

A new study was conducted by behalf of “I and love and you” in advance of National Hug Your Hound Day, the survey looked to see how much people love their four-legged friends and, within that, pinpointed what it means to be a “pet fanatic.”

Using a panel of 2,000 pet owners, results found that 34 percent of parents prefer their furry friends to their own flesh and blood.

The survey — wherein 72 percent were parents — revealed a fifth of parents have bought a gift for their pet more recently than a gift for their child.

Fifty-four percent even think their four-legged companion understands them better than their best friend or their significant other.

Our furry friends are there to pick us up at the end of the day — 68 percent say spending time with their pet helps cheer them up, more so than spending time with family or friends.

They’re also there to help us through the hard times. Respondents say their pets have helped them during stress from work (40 percent), relationship troubles (40 percent) and health problems (34 percent).

So what are the signs that you are obsessed with your pet?

1. Creating a social media account for a pet

2. Throwing a pet a birthday party

3. Buying a pet clothes or fancy accessories

4. Spending more money on a meal for a pet than a meal for themselves

5. Allowing a pet to regularly sleep on the bed with them

6. Matching their outfit to a pet’s outfit

My husband thinks I am obsessed with our cats, but I only can say yes to one of the items on the list. Yes, I let one of the cats sleep in the bed regularly. 

How many of them did you check off?=