69% of Americans Stressed Out Over This?

Any guesses?

October 30, 2018

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People are more stressed out than ever. Too much stress can be awful for both our physical and mental health. After some time, it begins to take its toll and impact us. 

The American Psychological Association released its annual "Stress in America" study today, and the findings are interesting. They questioned 3,458 American adults in August across age groups and in all 50 states and this is what they found is causing us significant stress-

Our level of stress worrying about our county's future is on the rise. Last year, 63% of people were noting this for their primary stressor compared to this year at 69%. “People don’t believe the current political environment is getting better and may, in fact, be getting worse," said Arthur C. Evans, the CEO of the American Psychological Association. Plus events like significant hurricanes, mass shootings, and other hate crimes has only made us stress even more.

Younger people, those in Generation Z, are more optimistic about the country's future. 

Thankfully the midterm elections are next week, and maybe we can get some peace. It's almost too much to watch the news or even TV because of all those darn political advertisements. 

You can read more from the study here