7 Ways to Get Extra Cash for the Holidays

Need extra money? Try these!

December 3, 2019
Santa Claus hand holding cash money against Christmas background

The pressure is on to have the perfect holiday and Christmas. Maybe it's some sort of competition between you and a family member to out-Christmas one another. Or perhaps it has everything to do with social media and the way we can show off to everyone all of the holiday amazingness we were able to put together for the kids, family, and friends. 

It's not a competition, but sometimes it feels like it is. 

People are admittedly going into debt even more to buy holiday gifts.

If you are one of those people that want to buy more this year, but you don't want to charge it on the credit cards, there are quite a few ways to get some extra cash. 

According to a new study, these are the ways people will earn extra money for the holiday. 

1. Take extra shifts at work: 33 percent

2. Open a store credit card: 31 percent

3. Taken second/part time job: 31 percent

4. Started a side hustle: 29 percent

5. More conscious of electric, heat, etc.: 29 percent

6. Opened a new credit card: 29 percent

7. Cut back on dining out: 27 percent

Obviously, some of those involve getting further into debt so you may want to stay away from those options. Personally, I love the idea of cutting back on things like dining out. Right now I am on a Starbucks strike. I went back and looked at how much I was spending on it every week and almost fell on the floor.