8 Ways You're Annoying Retail Workers

Please, stop doing these now!

December 12, 2018

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If you've ever worked in retail you know it can be a challenge. You spend long hours on your feet and the folding, cleaning, straightening cycle never seems to end. I worked in retail as a salesperson for an Apple store in New Jersey in 2004-2005. It was when the iPod really was huge and everyone wanted one. The Holidays were insane and I vowed to never work retail again. 

It's not the long hours on your feet though that can make your day working retail terrible, it's often times the people you encounter. In case you didn't know, people are rude and they want their issues addressed right now. They also want whatever needs fixing fixed right now too. 

Here are a few things you could be doing to annoy that person working in the grocery or clothing store. You may not even realize that these things are making their job much harder. 

1. Picking up clothing and not putting it back folded. Thankfully, I never worked in a clothing store because I have heard it's complete hell to have to fold and refold all the clothes everytime so customer comes in and messes up the display. Sadly, I am that customer. I do make an effort to try and make things look the way I found them, but I cannot fold to save my life. Sorry!

2. Leaving Clothes in the fitting room: This is just annoying for the people that work in the store and it's also bothersome for the next customer that steps into the changing room you just left full of rejected clothing items. My guess is if you're going to leave them in the room, you're likely not even going to put them back on the hangars. Ugh, you're the worst!

3. Letting your young children run around like crazed maniacs through the store: You're a parent, we get it. But can you at least control your child so they aren't taking merchandise off the shelves and throwing it on the floor? Oh, and can you also make sure your child's hands are clean before coming into the store. No one wants Auntie Anne's cinnamon sugar pretzel dust all over the merchandise. 

4. Coming into the store right before closing: Unless you know exactly what you want and you can grab it fast, just don't be this person. Five or even ten minutes before the store closes is not the time to walk in to make a major purchase on a new computer when you aren't really sure which one you want. Fun fact: Most retail people are not making any commission on your sale. 

5. Cutting in Line: There's always that person who's trying to find there way to the head of the line. Hey buddy, if I have to wait twenty minutes to check out at HomeGoods, so do you. 

6. When you're on your phone and trying to check out or deal with an associate: Can you please just put the darn phone down for five minutes and focus on checking out or discussing the item you're interested in with the salesperson? 

7. Talking on your phone and using the speakerphone option: No one needs to hear your business. Last week, I was at the drug store and some woman was waiting at the pharmacy and having a Facetime call out loud so everyone could hear. This is annoying for store employees and the customers around you too. #JustStop

8. Leaving Shopping carts anywhere you feel like leaving them: There are areas designated to return your carts to once you are done shopping. Is it really that hard to push the empty cart an extra ten feet? 

And one extra for good measure, when you use a check to pay at the grocery store. Hello! Welcome to 2018 and something that was created many moons ago called the debit card. Can you please get with the times and stop using checks to pay? Thanks!

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