840 New Words Added to Merriam-Webster Dictionary

September 6, 2018

© Feng Yu - Dreamstime.com

It's that time of year again when Merriam-Webster adds a whole bunch of new words to their dictionary. But not all of the new additions are actually words. Some are acronyms and text slang. 

This year there are a lot of tech words added. Here are just a few.

-Force-quit: make an APP stop running.

-Airplane Mode: When you turn off the cellular feature on your phone when flying.

-Instagramming: Scrolling through or posting videos and photos to Instagram. 

-Haptics: The science of touch.

There are also a lot of abbreviations or shortened versions of words. 

-Marg: Short for margarita.

-Gorg: Short for gorgeous.

-Bougie: Short for bourgeois.

-Zuke: Short for zucchini. 

And here are some of my personal favorite adds for 2018.

-Hangry: When you're so hungry you become angry. 

-Zoodles: Zucchini or another vegitable spiralized to create veggie noodles. 

-HopHead: Someone who loves craft beer.

-Mocktail: Like your favorite cocktail minus the alcohol. 

You can see some of the other words that were added here

There is on addition that I think has no place in the dictionary. It's TL;DR which means too long, didn't read. Again, this is text lingo and not really a word so why add it to the dictionary. Or if we are going to start adding things like this why not have a seperate dictionary for terms like this? Just my thoughts!