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Is Aaron Carter Terminally Ill?

He came out on Twitter last week as bi and now he's quit Twitter...

August 15, 2017

What is going on with Aaron Carter, former pop star and little brother of Nick Carter from The Backstreet Boys

It was just last week that he took to Twitter to come out to his fans that he was bisexual and has been in a relationship with a man before. And now his account has been deleted, allegedly. I did some poking around and found his Twitter account is still up and very active. He posted this photo yesterday.

And he shared this video a few days ago thanking fans for their support after he came out as bi. But at the end he mentions the TV show The Doctors. He thanked the show, but we aren't exactly sure. He said something about a big reveal?

There's a lot of speculation about what he may be revealing on the daytime TV show. Many people seem to think maybe he has some terminal illness. But he tweeted this yesterday after the rumors began.

We know Aaron has fought addiction issues in the past. And just last month Entertainment Tonight did an interview with him where he talked about battling an eating disorder.

 There's no air date on Carter's appearance on The Doctors