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Add Extra Pop to Your Eyes with LED Eyelashes

June 27, 2017

I love makeup and I like to try out new beauty and makeup trends, but sometimes they are just so ridiculous. 

I am a proud rouge card carrying Sephora VIB. That's one of those stores that I know once offered a basket, I am screwed. Although I came in just to get more foundation now that the basket is in my hand I end up finding six other things I don't need. 

There have been quite a few crazy beauty trends that I have written about like feathered eyebrows, stick on freckles, and glitter roots. I just can't with these trends. 

Now there's a new way to make your eyes pop. No, it's not some new way to apply eye shadow. And it has nothing to do with winged eyeliner. 

Check out these LED lashes. 

Like where would you wear those besides a rave or club? They are only $40 and are reusable. In case you're wondering how they work, there's a thin wire that you tuck behind your ear. You can see more of the mechanics of these flashy lashes here.