Is Adele Done With Touring for Good?

Signs point to yes!

January 8, 2019


Adele is one of those artists that I have put on my concert bucket list. She's just too good not to see in concert at some point in my life. Unfortunately for me, it looks like the opportunity to see her on tour may have passed. 

At the end of her last tour, Adele hinted that she may not go on tour again but most people figured she meant for a few years so she could focus on her family.

But her latest move may prove that she was really serious about NEVER going on tour again!

You may not have known this, but Adele had her own touring firm, Remedy Touring LLP. Sadly, it's been reported that she just began the process of liquidated the tour company assets. 

It's rumored that Adele is working on a new album that should come out sometime later this year. Could she really release a new album and avoid going on tour?