Adele Is Working on Her Next Album!

This is not a drill!

June 26, 2018

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Didn't Adele say she was taking a long break from making music? It seemed like her break was an indefinite one so she could stay home and have more time with her husband and son. But now we've learned that her break is over and she's back to work!

This was the message she shared with fans last Summer when she wrapped up her tour.

Squeeeeee!!!!!! This is the best news ever! Here's what we know about the new album so far. 

According to multiple sources, it's in the early planning stages. Adele is currently meeting with her record label and she will spend this Summer writing new material for the album. It's expected to be called 30 because all of her albums have been named after the age when she released them. So if that's the case, we won't get to hear 30 until 2019. It's anticipated the album will be out in time for Christmas 2019!

That likely means with a new album coming out late 2019, that she will probably be on tour again in 2020! There's also a rumor that she's considering doing a Las Vegas residency too! Maybe that's something she can do in 2019 while we wait patiently for "30" to drop?