Airbnb Offering Free Lodging for Hurricane Florence Evacuees

Need a place to stay?

September 12, 2018

© Ken Ruinard/Greenville News-USA TODAY NETWORK

Do you have family and friends that live on the coast of the Carolinas or father East that are evacuating because of Hurricane Florence? If you cannot offer them a place to stay in your home and all the hotels are full, there's another option for evacuees. 

We are awaiting the next update on Florence, but at last check, it was still a category 4 storm that is predicted to hit the coast of North or South Carolina sometime tomorrow through Saturday. The reason it's not clear is because forecasters this that it will stall over the coast. 

But due to storm surge and record rainfall, those people along the coast on barrier islands and low lying areas are being evacuated. Airbnb is offering evacuees another option for lodging through their Open Homes Program. Airbnb hosts in North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Virgina were contacted to see if they could offer their places free to those getting out of harms way. 

”These $0 listings are available until October 1,” Airbnb said in its announcement. Read more about these offerings below.