According to Scientists, This Drink Makes Us Likely to Fight

August 16, 2018

© Bogdan Hoda |

Do you drink and get really angry? Or maybe you drink and suddenly you want to fight someone? 

It could be the alcoholic drink you prefer that could be making you more aggressive. According to a new study, scientists found that there's a certain drink combination that tends to make people more aggressive. 

What's the magical combination? Red Bull and Vodka! Even the thought of that drink makes me want to yack! The new article published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, points to a direct link between increasing the negative effects of binge drinking. Alcohol and taurine, when combined, made subjects display more risky and antisocial behavior. Taurine is something found in drinks like Red Bull. 

The combo in particular seems to bring out the worst in people. Perhaps it's the fact that the vodka and any alcohol for that matter is a downer and the Red Bull is an energy drink that acts as an upper?