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Alleged Inside of McFlurry Machine Photo Goes Viral

July 26, 2017

Eek! Here's hoping these photos are not legit!

Have you seen the photo that went viral that allegedly shows the inside of a McDonald's McFlurry Machine? 

A man claiming to work at one of the fast-food giant's locations shared this photo on twitter.

The photo has been retweeted over 15,000 times. The user also posted other photos that show areas behind the counter and in the kitchen to perhaps prove that he is actually employed by McDonald's. But the user has since left his job at the fast food restaurant. It's not clear if he was fired or quit. He just said he "wanted to go out with a bang."

I'm pretty sure that he had to sign some non-disclosure agreements at the time he was hired. These legal documents probably prevent employees from sharing trade secrets or inside information. I wonder if this alleged photo would count and if he could be sued?

Back in high school, I worked at the concession stand at the movie theater. The grossest thing we had was the pump nacho cheese for the nacho chips and pretzel bites. If you knew how little we cleaned it and what it looked like when we did, you'd vomit. I think that's why now when you order nachos at the movies the cheese comes in individual cups.