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Amazon Cuts Prices on Popular Items at Whole Foods

Maybe the grocery chain all lose its Whole Paycheck nickname?

August 28, 2017

Amazon officially took over ownership of Whole Foods at 12:01 this morning. And with the takeover comes a lot of good news in the form of savings. 

Popular store items are being marked down big time just like Amazon promised customers last week in their press release about the purchase. 

Bananas for 49 cents a pound, anyone? Marked down from 79 cents, that's more comparable to other supermarket chains. The organic variety goes for 69 cents a pound in a Manhattan store, down from Sunday's price of 99 cents a pound. 

Customers can see a savings of up to 43% off the most purchased items in Whole Foods starting today. 

You can see some of the savings in the produce section below!